March 03, 2022 1 min read

Simple, natural and decorative have become the theme and development trend of platinum jewelry today.
        Regardless of whether you want to buy such products or not, if you go shopping in the market, you can find a phenomenon: under the trend that beautiful diamonds reflect luxury and beauty, permanence and purity, and reflect the concept of preservation and proliferation, platinum diamonds have become More and more people are referring to the favorite thing on the wrist. Just when platinum and diamond jewelry entered the homes of ordinary people,
   Its maintenance has become a matter of great concern to people.
   1. When you are doing housework, don't let the diamond you wear get oily or bleach. The oil will affect the luster of the diamond jewelry; the bleach will cause spots on the metal.
   2. It is not suitable to wear diamond jewelry for heavy work. Although the diamond is hard and wear-resistant, it may be damaged if it is hit hard according to its grain direction.
  3. Do not put diamond jewelry in drawers or jewelry boxes together with other jewelry, because diamonds will scratch other jewelry when rubbed. At the same time, platinum jewellery should not be worn at the same time as gold jewellery. Because gold is soft, rubbing against each other will not only damage the gold jewellery, but also stain the platinum and make it yellow, which is difficult to remove.
  4. Every year, platinum jewelry is sent to the jewelry store for inspection to check whether the diamonds and settings are loose or worn, so that they can be repaired in time.